Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prayer to Jesus.

Dear Jesus
Thank you for dying on the cross to save people and help me to stop talking to others when the teacher is talking and thank you for giving us a loving father like you we know you have fast for 40 days and we have gave up something for you help me to be a better person like doing all the house work like doing the dishes and helping people that need help.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


On Friday the 18Th of march . Saint x Pius had athletics. There were teams there name of the teams were Keas tuis kiwis and geckos.There were students, of saint Pius, and parents were there and also visitors were there.The five year old girls star the race off I was nervous my heart stared to pop because people were fast then other people were not that fast at but it was fun because.everybody was just having fun and I came 3rd on the 800 meter and I gagged the hole way.And Sprint at the end.Kinds were fast at run after the races room 1 to 4 had there own games then it was the Senior Syndicate turn we had relays in each teams there had a turn we lost to Keas.but Tuis bet kiwis and tuis went to the final with Kaeas lost to tuis and they won but.We won the points and that was the best athletics day.